CDS Boston Centre
100th Anniversary
1915 — 2015


Celebrating 100 years of CDS Boston Centre


CDSBC 100th Anniversary Gala:
Saturday, November 7, 2015

Nevins Hall, Memorial Building
150 Concord Street, Framingham, MA

Afternoon events including dancing for all ♦ Movies and displays all day ♦ Dinner ♦ Evening dancing

Afternoon Events
1:00 pm to 5:00 pm
All afternoon sessions include dancing for all
1:00-end of evening dance: Movies and Historical Exhibits
1:00-3:30: Ritual Dance Tour - various locations around Framingham; see below for details
1:30-2:30: Historical Dance
Brad Foster with music by Kate Barnes and Dave Langford
2:30-3:30: New Choreography - by the community for this Gala celebration
Rich Jackson with music by Dave Langford, Jean Monroe, and Ishmael Stefanov
3:30-5:00: Ritual Dance Display in Nevins Hall

Formal Catered Dinner at Nevins
5:30 pm to 7:00 pm
$10 per person - advance registration required by October 31st (below)
Please note that Nevins is a dry site - no alcohol is permitted in the building

English / American Dance
7:30 pm to 11:30 pm
English Dance: Barbara Finney, Rich Jackson, Linda Nelson, Miriam Newman, and Christine Robb
Music by Bare Necessities
American Dance: Lisa Greenleaf
Music by Kate Barnes, Dave Langford, and Catherine Miller

* At the evening dance, we'll do one dance without teaching or walking through: St. Margaret's Hill *
Everyone's welcome to dance it; we'll have half the hall as "For Those Who Know", and half the hall as "For Those Who Want to Try".
If you want to refresh yourself (or to learn it), here's a great video of Brad Foster calling the dance at a ball in Atlanta (Foxfire is Karen Axelrod and Daron Douglas)

Directions to Nevins Hall in Framingham (.pdf file)
Map to Nevins Hall from Exit 13 (.pdf file) or directly from Google maps

See flyer for more details: 100th Gala Flyer (.pdf)

Ritual Tour - around Framingham and at Nevins Hall

There will be two locations for the ritual tour on Saturday, November 7.
Our first stand will be from 1:00 - 2:15pm and we will have show dances as well as massed dances from 3:45 - 5:00pm at Nevins Hall. There will be a pub break from 2:30 - 3:30pm.

Time Location Directions for Parking Teams Person in Charge
Tour A
1:00 - 2:15
Framingham Downtown Common,
1 Park Street, between Howard and Park streets off Concord Street
Park at Nevins Hall then walk south along Concord Street

OR park in the Howard Street lot across from the Common for 3 hours
Tour A
Still River Sword
Ladies of the Rolling Pin
Newtowne Morris Men
Muddy River Morris
Mystic Garland
Dragan Gill from Mystic Garland
Tour B
1:00 - 2:15
First Parish UU Church Framingham
24 Vernon Street, Framingham
Park in the UU Church lot Tour B
Red Herring
Pinewoods Morris Men
No Apologies Rapper
Rose Galliard
Michael Resnick from No Apologies
Tour A
Deluxe Depot Diner
415 Waverly Street, Framingham
Walk south along Concord Street from the Framingham Downtown Common across the tracks, turn right onto Waverly Street. The Depot Diner is immediately on your right. See Tour A above Dragan
Tour B
Jack's Abby
100 Clinton Street, Framingham
Drive to the parking lot at the corner of Bishop and Clinton Streets. The entrance is at 100 Clinton Street. For you cider drinkers, the sour beer meets the approval of one cider drinker who tested these locations... See Tour B above Michael
3:45 - 5:00
Both Tours
Nevins Hall
150 Concord Street, Framingham
Either drive or walk to Nevins Hall. All teams from Tour A and Tour B joined by Orion Sword Sarah Pilzer from Muddy River Morris

100th Anniversary Gala Dinner Reservations

Reservations will be through Dancerfly, a new on-line reservation service built by and for dancers. CDS Boston is giving their service a try to both support creative dancer-entrepreneurs, and to provide better service to our members.



Please submit your dance compositions in honor
of CDS Boston's 100th Anniversary!

The 100th Anniversary Committee hopes to have enough dance submissions to have a dance-through in the afternoon program of the Gala on November 7th, 2015. Dances will be reviewed by Boston Centre callers for general danceability. If there are more submissions than time allows for dancing through, the Boston Centre callers will choose among the submissions for presentation at the Gala, and dances not presented then will be danced through at other events.

Guidelines for New Dance Compositions to Celebrate CDS Boston's Centenary

Dance devisors may use any of the suggested tunes, or use tunes of their own choosing.

Tunes (more may follow)
   Spring Morning Rain (waltz): audio file (mp3)notation (pdf)
   Catch If You Can (jig): audio file (mp3)notation (pdf)

Feel free to structure the repetition of the A parts, B parts (and C parts, if any) to suit your dance. There is no requirement to use the tunes as originally notated. Please indicate in your submission how you have chosen to arrange the tune (see either sample template document (.pdf) or sample template document (.doc) ).

Dances should be of a complexity suitable for a moderately experienced dancer, but not necessarily a very experienced dancer. The aim is to have dances be accessible to the majority of dancers.

Please submit your dance notation, including information on the tune arrangement, to: < dancecomposition at cds-boston dot org > by October 15, 2015 for inclusion in the 100th Anniversary Gala presentations.

Thank you!

CDS Boston Centre 100th Anniversary
New Dance Creation

Some considerations for dance composition in celebration of the 100th Anniversary

Simplicity is good! Dances don't have to be complex to be fun. Think of Jack's Health, Key to the Cellar, Leather Lake House, which all use standard figures.

Resist the temptation to put every great figure ever invented into one dance. Generally, an exciting figure is exciting partly because it stands out in the dance, rather than being overwhelmed by lots of other complex or unusual figures. Choose a highlight and let it shine.

Dances don't have to be long! (Think of Alice, only 24 bars). Short dances are easy on the brain and have short talk-throughs (everyone likes short talk-throughs!). Every program needs fun, restful dances as well as complex brain-taxing dances.

Maybe even consider using an existing dance that is almost good, but not quite; one of those dances you say to yourself every time (if only it went like this...). Maybe the tune is incompatible; maybe one figure is awkward. Now is your chance to dust it off and give it new life.

New Dance Creation Considerations (.pdf)



Submitting Ideas and Proposals for CDS-Boston Centre 100th Anniversary Events

It's our centennial this year! Do you have ideas for ways to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Country Dance Society Boston Centre? We would love to have events proposed by the membership, and can provide administrative help in making them happen.

Please think about events or different ways to celebrate different aspects of CDS-Boston's history: American dancing, English dancing, Morris, longsword, rapper, garland. Events could also highlight the history of the Society and its ties to the Boston social welfare movement of the early 20th Century (Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Saturday Evening Girls, etc.), and draw on our extensive archive material, including photographs. Events could celebrate people as well as activities. Or you may have ideas for ways to celebrate our history within our existing events.

We encourage people to submit anything from an idea to a full-blown proposal. Please be as detailed as possible about your concept. This might include things like type of program, format (day, evening) and length, intended audience, suggested presenters, leaders, musicians, or venues.

If you already have a specific idea for an event, please let us know! The document "Submitting Proposals for 100th Anniversary Events" provides a way to convey the details of your proposal so we can help make it happen.

CDS-Boston Centre
PO Box 3055
Acton, MA 01720


Submitting Proposals for 100th Anniversary Events (.pdf file)

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