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Annual General Meetings

2016 Annual General Meeting


Please come to the Annual Meeting of the Membership of the Country Dance Society, Boston Centre, Inc,.

Starting at 7PM, before the Wednesday English Dance
Dance admission is free to all who attend the Annual Meeting.
(Doors open at 6:45 pm.)

Wednesday, April 20, 2016, 7PM
Park Avenue Congregational Church
Arlington Heights, Massachusetts

Watch for your ballot in the mail and please vote for officers and directors. Ballots can be brought to the meeting, mailed in, or dropped off at the Wednesday dance.

Ballots may be returned until April 30th. Preliminary results will be announced at the meeting and final results will be recorded for the official record and announced via email to the membership.

Candidate Statements

Directors - Tom Roby (Term #1), Jean Monroe (Term #1), Florentina Corbescu (Term #2)

Clerk - Deborah Kruskal (Term # 2) (the ballot incorrectly says Term #1)
Vice President - Miriam Newman (Term #1)
Treasurer - Diane Gonzales (Term #1)

Ruth Reiner (elected in 2015 to president-elect) becomes president at the 2016 Annual Meeting.

Florentina Corbescu
I started in Oct 2011 and since then I have attended most classes/workshops at PACC and have been very active with the Amherst group on Mondays and later Saturdays and their workshops for the advanced. I have attended many English Balls in MA, CT and the New York area, as well as house party dances in preparation for the balls or to learn more about English dancing. I attended both English weeks at Pinewoods since I started dancing and I am active in the preparation of CDS Boston events by printing posters for balls or memorial dances. The reason I want to be part of the board is because I believe it's a great thing to be part of something that brings people together and brings people joy, and because I can and want to have a voice to improve or change things!

Diane Gonzales
Diane Gonzales currently serves on the CDS board as Vice President and has been dancing regularly at the Wednesday dance for many years and also dances longsword with Still River. Diane serves on the NEFFA program committee as couple dance chair, coordinates the monthly Waltz for Boston dance series, and helps teach a weekly class in Hungarian couple dancing. When she isn't dancing somewhere, she works as a senior business analyst / product manager at Interactive Data in Bedford, MA.

Deborah Kruskal
I have been a member of CDS-Boston for more years than I want to count. I was on the Board in the '80s, and I am now able to give some time to serve again. I hope to contribute in ways that help the organization grow, by supporting the on-going work of strengthening its governing structure, and by broadening its reach to more people, particularly the younger population. But most of all I want to give back to the organization that has given so much to me.

Jean Monroe
I am excited at the prospect of working with the CDS-Boston Centre board. I have been doing English country dance for about 15 years after encountering it at the gender-free Jamaica Plain dance. For the past 10 years I've played English dance piano, as the direct result of a CDS-Boston-sponsored workshop; I also play frequently for the Commonwealth Vintage Dancers. I dance some contra & Scottish, and have been a musician for Red Herring Morris and Charles River Rapper. For the last 6-7 years I have been a committee member of the Harvard Square English dance, responsible for musician booking. I have also served on the committee of the English-Scottish Session at Pinewoods (now ESCape). I'm interested in maintaining dances that are welcoming to all, connecting with other dance communities, and encouraging experimentation in format. Thank you for your consideration.

Miriam Newman
CDS-Boston has been an important part of my life since I moved to Somerville five years ago, and both the community and the organization are dear to me. Most of you know my contributions best as one of the core teachers calling on Wednesday nights, and many of you have also danced with my or to my calling on Fridays at Harvard Square or the Experienced Dance series. I've also had the privilege to be on the board for the past four years, and am hoping to spend the next two years serving and supporting CDS-Boston as Vice President--as well as a caller and, most importantly, a dancer!

Tom Roby
I began folkdancing as an undergraduate at Swarthmore College and have been passionately pursuing it ever since. You can frequently find me at Balkan line dances, improvisational couple dances (Waltz, Scandi, Hungarian) as well as English & American set dances. I danced regularly at the Boston Centre from 1985-91 before leaving the area for 20 years. Since returning, I dance and call as often as work and family obligations allow (i.e., not nearly enough).
I hope some of my perspective from participating in various types of dance communities in various parts of the world might be useful as the Boston Centre moves into its second century.


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