CDS-BC Playford Ball 2002

CDS Boston Centre's 22nd annual Playford Ball will be held on March 2, 2002 at Monument Hall in Concord, MA.


This year, parking in the Christian Science church parking lot next to Monument Hall is NOT ALLOWED. In the afternoon, ballgoers should use Concord municipal parking lots (described below). In the evening, attendees may use the St. Bernard's Church parking lot, located behind the church, across the common from Monument Hall. Maps will be provided with the Ball program to help you locate acceptable parking places.

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There's plenty of parking besides the original site: turning into Keyes Road either from Main Street or from Lowell Road will take you to the municipal lot. Keyes---rhymes with "guys," runs straight through the middle of the lot. On the side of the lot closest to Lowell Road and Monument Hall, you'll find a wooden walkway that takes you across the Millbrook and along a path (picturesque, but dark, and, beware of the ice!) over to Lowell Road and Monument Square. A flashlight would help negotiate this rustic approach to the Square!.

The other parking area near the Hall is just before the FAR end of Keyes Rd. Stay on Lowell Rd, pass Mon. Hall and the Inn, and turn left a few houses down when you see a big sign for "Millbrook Tarry." Millbrook Tarry, whatever that means, is the site of Brooks pharmacy and Citizens Bank. There a sizeable lot. It's not as large as the municipal lot, but closer to Monument Square and the Hall.

Another municipal lot is located behind the post office, accessible from Walden Street (Rt. 126). All of these additional parking locations are marked on the map.

Some street parking may be available, but if anyone is staying overnight at the Inn, be aware that, during snow season, after 1AM, cars will be towed away, to the tune of $15.00. Remember to check parking meters for fees and hours of operation.

The Evening Programme

The evening festivities begin at 8:00p.m. and continue until midnight. Helene Cornelius will be the Mistress of Ceremonies, and Bare Necessities will provide the music. A lovely dessert and refreshment buffet will be served at the intermission. Changing rooms for men and women will be available if you'd prefer not to wear your ball attire in the car.

The Afternoon Programme

An afternoon workshop for all ball attendees will run from 1:30-4:30pm, also at Monument Hall. Brad Foster and Barbara Finney will lead the dances, and Megan Henderson and Dave Langford will play the music.

The Pre-Dance Workshop

A special pre-ball workshop has been added this year. It will be held on February 24 (a Sunday) from 2:00-5:00 in the afternoon at the Park Avenue Congregational Church in Arlington Heights. The workshop is open to everyone, regardless of whether one is attending the ball or not. Admission to the workshop will be $6.00 for those whose attendance at the ball is confirmed, and $9.00 for others. Helene Cornelius will lead the workshop, and Ken Allen will provide the music.


Ticket prices are $25.00 for applications postmarked on or before January 15, 2002, and $30.00 for applications postmarked after that date. Gender balance will be taken into consideration with preference given to CDS, Boston Centre, members.

Copies of the applications may be picked up at any CDS-BC dance, and at many other dances in the Boston area. A downloadable application is also available in PDF (7k) or text format.

Dance Programme

Bar a Bar Barbarini's Tambourine The Black Boy
The Boatman Cottey House An Enchanted Place
Joy after Sorrow King of Poland Love's Triumph
May Fair The Merry Conclusion Newcastle
Nonesuch Sadler's Wells Sarah
Sellenger's Round A Shropshire Lass Sion House
A Trip to Amsterdam When Laura Smiles The Wood Duck

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