Veronica's Open Attic


What's in The Attic? Formal wear for men and women (tux jackets $25; tailcoats max $100; gowns $20), jewelry, accessories, summer dancing clothes, Scottish dance items for ESSers, and many other good things are available. There's the button collection, fabrics and laces, costume items, truly vintage and antique items - the list goes on & on!

Individuals and small groups are welcome to visit The Attic in person, now located in Melrose, not too far from the original Attic. Please contact Veronica to arrange a time to view the collection.

Why the attic? Proceeds of Attic sales may be shared with CDS Boston Centre. Attic sales also support Pinewoods Camp. For more information and directions,contact Veronica at attic at cds-boston dot org .


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